DroidPilot Team is a set of mobile application developers, testing engineers, quality assurance experts and process improvement professors. It is a leading provider of software testing design, testing solutions and testing services. DroidPilot’s expertise includes testing methodology training, testing cases design, testing effort evaluation, testing automation, etc. Our team of testing professionals serve our clients with a focus on reliability, efficiency, and quality, building long-term relationships by helping them effectively improve testing skills, control the product quality.

DroidPilot helps organizations to reduce there Android Applications’ testing time and effort, especially at regression testing phase. More, it can help to standardize the development working mode and improve the product quality.

Office Location
Shenzhen Yunmai Co., Ltd.

6th Floor, M-6 Building
Zhonggang Scie-Tech Park
Hi-Tech & Industrial Estate
Nanshan District, Shenzhen, 518000, China

Please contact us via info@droidpilot.com


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