DroidPilot V2.1 Special Release for Handwriting Simulation

To celebrate the special release of DroidPilot V2.1 Handwriting Simulation Version, we made this demo video, please come to visit: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZDbHhHoY-cA This version can record user’s handwriting operation, and replay it according to the records. In this case the handwriting testing scenarios should be satisfied.

DroidPilot V2.1.0 – Cross-APK Integration Test Version Released

The most important feature of this version is that it can provide the cross-apk integration testing. Please download from our website and have a trial. If your previous license has been expired, please contact us for extended period.

DroidPilot V2.0.5 Released

This version has optimized the USB connection feature, and it also improved the script designer for special characters. For the applications’ deployment, it has been improved also. From this release on, All the DroidPilot release will synchronize to more download mirrors (http://www.onlinedown.net). So that users will have more choices. For more, the free trial license period has been increased from 15 days up to 30 days. That would be very enough for the trial.

DroidPilot V2.0.4 Released

This version has improved the scripts’ compatibility with Android 4.0, which means the test designer can build the scripts on Android 2.X/3.X, and execute them on the Android 4.0 smoothly. Besides that, some APK deployment issues are also been fixed, so that the APK deployment process is become more efficienct.

DroidPilot Version 2.0.3 Released

This version includes several bugs’ fixing and script statement improvement, for example, it can simulate the operation for “Long Click”, “Home” button, “Back” button, Volumes button, etc. Please contact us for a free trial.